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Wilson offers classes for groups, such as businesses, company parties/picnics, Church groups, lodges, clubs, civic organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. He also offer children's classes - 8 yrs and older.
These are a great way to bring your organization together, relieve stress and promote unity and bonding. He has conducted countless such workshops over the years and most clients are repeat customers, because of the positive impact and enjoyment it brings.
If you’d like to schedule a Private Class for your group, simply contact Wilson.

Group Classes are not "one-on-one" classes.​

Classes are conducted depending on student registrations.  Low enrollment may result in a class cancellation. It is important to contact the appropriate phone number in due time to state your intention of attending. Some store locations will often require pre-payment to reserve your space. Since this is often impractical, simply ask to speak with the manager and explain that you will pay upon arrival at the class.  Also, please ask them to include your name on the list of attendees, thus allowing verification of student numbers. 

If You Cannot Attend a Given Class...

Most of my classes are now filling to capacity and therefore "waiting lists" are being instituted in the event of any cancellations. If you are registered for a given class, but find that you will not be able to attend, please contact the appropriate location as soon as possible, so that another interested individual may fill that space.


Wilson's (Local) Painting Classes

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