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About the Artist, Wilson Bickford 1959-2021
Wilson, at the easel in Hemet, California group instruction.

North Country native, artist and author Wilson Bickford was well-known internationally and in the North Country for teaching art classes and painting scenes of the Adirondacks. He and wife Glenda traveled widely, presenting workshops as far away as California, bringing his "Fast and Fun" painting techniques to communities across this country and Canada.

Wilson was an artist and art educator. He perfected the art technique of "wet-on-wet" painting. This extremely popular painting style is easy to learn and yields fantastic results. Bickford even shared his knowledge, work, and talent with the artistically-inclined viewers in WPBS-TV's broadcast community. His painting series can now be seen on CreateTV.

Bickford's numerous online painting tutorials and demonstrations are available to anyone online. Painting With Wilson Bickford is a well loved program on public television. His workshops, demonstrations and lessons have enriched budding artists and promoted art to those who never considered themselves an artist. This is the miracle of Wilson Bickford; his work has inspired personal creativity and the spread of art in the world.

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