Wilson Bickford (1959 - 2021) was an internationally known professional artist/instructor. He was a native of Northern New York where he shared his love of painting through teaching lessons for over 30 years. By 2011 Wilson launched his own signature line of oil painting products through Jerry’s Artarama. In 2012 he began filming his series “Painting with Wilson Bickford” with WPBS-TV. His episodes can also be found on Create – TV.  Stay tuned as season 8 will be coming out this year!

Wilson always said “Anyone can learn to Paint!” From the art that his students have produced over the years, we believe it too!  Whether you’ve painted one lesson with Wilson or twenty, you know what special person he was. From his relaxed teaching style, patience... and of course the jokes; he made painting fun and achievable to students with various experience levels.

We are continuing this website to honor Wilson and his legacy. His hard work will march on to the next generation of painters. Here on this website, you can watch video lessons, purchase downloadable painting packets, and other items. 

To purchase Wilson Bickford signature products please visit Jerry's Artarama.


To take a class with a Certified Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher near you, please check their schedules here on the WBTT page.


Thank you all for your support, please Stay Creative and Keep Painting!



All 11 episodes of Fun & Fast Painting - a 2 disc set!

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